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Awhi Counselling

Facilitators of Change

At Awhi Counselling, we strive to understand your individual perspectives. We work in a holistic way that encompasses all areas of life to improve your wellbeing as a whole. We’re here to hold and support you on the journey that life entails.


About me

Alivia Bowe

I am a Registered Counsellor and Addiction Clinician with the passion to empower and support people in a way that works for them to be the best version of themselves.
I focus on a holistic approach to wellbeing that takes into account the clients individual perspectives and how they are seen in their own worldview. I use a wide range of modalities and tools which ensures your recovery is tailored to you.
I am gentle, caring and am able to be flexible. I have an open mind and am able to adapt easily.

“Our life is what our thoughts make it”

Marcus Aurelius

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52 East Coast Road, Milford, Auckland


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